Atlanta Metro Juvenile Defense Attorneys

FordLaw_image1The adjudication process for juveniles, who are defined as persons under 17 who commit criminal offenses, is often confusing. Making matters worse, some youths find themselves caught up in activities or situations that they do not fully understand, yet the outcome is the same: arrest and formal delinquency charges. In some instances, children’s legal issues are often the result of peer pressure. In other instances, there may be underlying issues unknown to parents, such as substance abuse or bad company that ultimately leads minor children to involvement in criminal activities. 

At Ford Law, LLC, we represent youthful offenders in various types of cases so navigation through the complex juvenile court process is just a bit easier for kids and their families. Generally, the juvenile court process begins with an arraignment and continues through disposition.  The court proceedings can be overwhelming and confusing, given the casual use of legal terminology and a series of court dates for various types of hearings. Ford Law, LLC is by your side and understands every step of the process. This comprehension is essential to effective representation in the preliminary phase and vitally important to the successful resolution of your child’s delinquency matter.


Georgia Civil Rights Violation Attorneys

FordLaw_image3The vast majority of School Resource Officers, detention guards, peace officers, Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) workers, and Department of Family & Children Services (DFACS) personnel take their responsibilities very seriously and treat people with dignity and respect. But that is certainly not the case in all situations, because there are always those who are willing to take advantage of others, especially those whom society considers vulnerable. Moreover, victims in these instances are sometimes victimized again by the courts, generally because civil rights cases have very strict requirements, and a judge may throw out the case for even seemingly minor deviations.

The experienced professionals at Ford Law, LLC, quickly evaluate your situation and get started on your case, because there are normally tight deadlines and obscure procedural rules. We are familiar with all these rules, even the ones that are unwritten, so we are well-positioned to guide your case through the system. Then, we do not relent until we have obtained the best possible result under the circumstances.


Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury2If you or your loved one was injured due to someone else’s negligence, there is normally substantial compensation available. That being said, personal injury claims are not just about a quick payday. Personal injuries often have far-reaching effects on a person’s overall quality of life for years after the incident that caused the injury. Therefore, it is important that you have excellent legal representation led by an attorney who is willing to go above and beyond the minimum, to help ensure that your case is successfully handled.

In addition to unexpected bills, personal injuries usually create unanswered questions, such as:  Will I be able to work again? Will this injury recur? Will I be physically challenged or scarred indefinitely? An experienced attorney is also an effective counselor who does not have all the answers, but can and will shed light on your situation and give you an outline of what to expect in the months and years to come.

At Ford Law, LLC, we aggressively stand up for injury victims in court, just like we stand up for those whose civil rights were violated. We use every available resource, and all our advocacy skills, to obtain maximum compensation.


Partner with Assertive Attorneys

Ford Law, LLC handles a wide array of injury cases in Fulton County and nearby jurisdictions. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case, and we continue to fight on your behalf until you are completely satisfied. We do not charge upfront legal fees in personal injury matters. For a free consultation contact Ford Law, LLC at  404-373-9881.