Professional Mediation Services in the Atlanta Metro Area


This form of Alternative Dispute Resolution involves a neutral third party who helps opposing parties find common ground in an ongoing dispute, using a healthy, and oftentimes, holisticapproach to conflict resolution. Many judges routinely refer contested litigation cases to mediation; in other situations, disagreeing parties use this format to resolve their disputes before litigation is even filed. Either way, mediation is often a powerful tool.

Mediation gives the involved parties more control over the outcomes of their cases, while reducing some of the financial and emotional costs often associated with court cases. At Ford Law, LLC, we offer mediation services for all kinds of legal disputes.  Let our professional team help facilitate long-lasting solutions for your disputes.


During this process, the mediator is a facilitator who takes the existing common ground and expands it.  Our mediation services are available in a number of areas, including:

• Peer Mediation
• School Conflicts
• Church Disputes
• Juvenile Delinquency
• Neighborhood Disputes
• Contract Disputes
• Small Claims Disputes
• Business Disputes
• Debtor/Creditor Disputes
• Employment Disputes
• Civil Disputes
• Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Mediation is nearly always an excellent investment of both time and money when trying to resolve a conflict. If both parties are willing to negotiate, resolution is both possible and probable. In mediation, you maintain control of the outcome of your case.


As a participant in the mediation process, you are encouraged to participate with an open mind, and with the understanding that you may have to make some compromises to achieve the results that you want.  A typical mediation process will follow this general outline:

• Preliminary Matters
• Mediator’s Opening Statements
• Remarks by Other Parties
• Joint Discussions
• Caucus (one or more)
• Reconvening the Parties
• Agreement Writing


• Gives parties an opportunity to outline and identify all the issues that lead to the conflict
• Saves the parties money in comparison to the cost associated with litigation
• Generally, mediation is a much faster process in comparison to litigation
• Parties control the outcome of the mediation
• The relationship between you and the other party may be restored or preserved
• Mediation is a confidential proceeding
• Mediation is strictly voluntary
• Mediation can help parties to avoid trials

In most instances, a successful mediation can lend itself to a completely resolved conflict agreeable to both parties.  In other instances, some issues may be resolved during mediation, while others are left for further litigation, or the parties could also reconvene, at a later date, in an effort to resolve any unsettled issues. At Ford Law, LLC, we will work with the parties as long as necessary to assist in resolving all the issues that created the conflict.  We evaluate each case individually.  Unless, otherwise agreed upon, the cost of participation in the mediation is assessed upon the parties jointly, based on an hourly rate.  If you have an ongoing dispute and are considering alternatives to filing a lawsuit, call Ford Law, LLC today at 404-373-9881.