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Families who struggle to deal with injuries caused by another person’s negligence or intentional misconduct need more than an aggressive attorney. They need an advocate who understands the big picture, a counselor who gives solid legal advice, and a professional with roots in the community.

The professionals at Ford Law, LLC, fill all these roles. We stand up and speak out for those who have been victimized. In every case we accept, we look for justice, and not just the quickest way out. Furthermore, we live here, work here, and play here. Firm founder Demetra D. Ford best exemplifies this commitment.

Early Career

Ford_LawExperienceUpon graduating from Michigan State University Law School, Demetra worked briefly as an Assistant Solicitor with the City of Atlanta. In that position, she had firsthand experience with some officers’ fabrications and duplicity as they sought to make arrests and stack charges, but showed little interest in justice. On one particular occasion, an officer scoffed at Demetra and asked: “Exactly whose side are you on?” Demetra evenly replied: “I’m on the side that promotes justice.” Based on that incident, and several others like it, Demetra felt a calling to serve the people instead of the system.

Later, as a juvenile defense attorney, it did not take long for Demetra to identify systemic deficiencies in Georgia’s Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), Georgia’s Department of Family & Children Services (DFACS), and various other organizations and facilities under contract with the State of Georgia to provide services for Georgia’s youth. Once, Demetra’s sixteen-year-old female client had been a victim of an unreported sexual assault while the young girl was in a group home facility. Upon successful resolution of the underlying delinquency matter, Demetra then shifted her focus. She soon discovered that the sexual predator was a staff member at the group home where DFACS placed the girl. Even worse, this staff member had victimized several other young female residents. Demetra thereupon commenced a civil action against the placement facility and obtained a confidential settlement, in excess of seven figures, for these young girls and their families.

Current Efforts

Today, Demetra continues to advocate on behalf of youth who otherwise have no voice. She has successfully represented young victims in civil rights cases that involved rapes, beatings, and various other incidents that occurred while the youth were detained in various DJJ facilities. In addition, Demetra also represents students and their families in excessive force cases involving school resource officers. Demetra is dedicated to promoting justice, protecting the rights of incarcerated youth and adults, and standing up for those who have suffered injuries as a result of excessive force by police officers, correctional officers and staff members of state run facilities.

Her established track record of success, as an attorney and Certified Mediator, brings a great deal of satisfaction. In all her endeavors, she is a “voice for the voiceless.” But, her true passion lies in educating her clients and their families about the law, to empower them for the future. In her free time, Demetra enjoys yoga, cycling and tennis. She also enjoys traveling, visiting wine vineyards, and spending time with family and friends. Demetra also takes time to mentor and encourage other lawyers who wish to follow a similar career path.

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